Masks4Meds is a grassroots initiative created by a Plymouth, MA family in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The initial goal of the Masks4Meds team was to raise funds to provide surgical masks to healthcare and other essential workers. The team is proud to have donated over 50,000 masks throughout the south shore area of Massachusetts. Since then, the mission of Masks4Meds has evolved, and we are currently committed to providing protective products for personal and business use. A portion of proceeds is directed toward providing essential businesses and organizations with a variety of protective products.
Give Back Program
An important part of the Masks4Meds mission is to support our local community. When you choose Masks4Meds for personal, office, and general business pandemic protection supplies, you’re also choosing a locally-owned company that is dedicated to making a difference while getting us prepared for the new normal. Our team gives back to the community by donating their time to volunteer activities, supporting local social and pandemic related initiatives and financially contributing to a wide variety of causes that are right in our backyard. The M4M Gives Back program encourages our community and our employees to determine where our financial contributions will go year after year. If you know a nonprofit or cause that deserves recognition and support we would love to hear from you.